Expert Vacuum Pump Remanufacturing

Advanced Vacuum Company provides single source service for the semiconductor industry. With years of successful on-site service experience we are able to offer world class support to your organization. Our extensive knowledge of the different types of vacuum systems and abatement tools enable us to extend equipment life and production up time for increased efficiency and optimum cost savings.

Contact ADVACO today to discuss your specific service needs and we will develop a comprehensive, cost effective, site service plan for you

Pump Proficiencies ▼

Site Pump Support

  • Wet Pumps (all varieties)
  • Dry Pump
    • Edwards (Q, iQ, iH, iL, iGX)

    • Busch

    • Ebara

    • Alcatel

    • Kashiyama

  • Cryo Pumps

  • Turbo Pumps

Training Support

  • Formal classroom training

  • In shop hands on training

  • Technician certification levels

Abatement Proficiencies ▼

Point of Use Abatement

  • Edwards
    • TPU

    • TCS

    • Helios

    • GRC

  • Ecosys
    • Delatech CDO

    • Vector

    • Guardian

    • Novapure

  • PureAir
    • EDOC

    • SDOC

  • Airgard

Training Support

  • Formal classroom training
    • Edwards TPU, TCS, Helios, GRC as standard

    • Ecosys/PureAir (as needed, customer driven)

  • Technician Certification
    • Levels 1 & 2 on Edwards Abatement

    • Ecosys/PureAir and others as needed (customer driven)

Additional Site Services ▼

Ancillary Equipment Support

  • Chillers

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Cold Traps

  • Forelines

  • Exhaust Lines

  • Gate Valves

  • Heat Trace

  • Distributed Subfab Tool Networks
    • VPMS

    • EPMS

Electronic Data Acquisition

  • Mean Time To Rebuild (MTTR)

  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

  • Predictive Failure Mode Analysis (data trending)

  • Predictive Maintenance Event and Time Tracking