Vacuum Pump Repair and Rebuild Services

build_circle ADVACO's Vacuum Pump Rebuild Services

ADVACO provides the highest quality rebuild services available for a variety of vacuum pump brands and models.

As an independent rebuild facility, ADVACO provides rebuild services that meet your specific needs and requirements, with the sole goal of keeping existing vacuum equipment running.


Search through our vacuum pump table to find your pump.

Manufacturer Series Type Model Learn More
Edwards GX Dry GX100, GX600, GX1000 Learn More
Edwards iGX Dry iGX100L, iGX100N, iGX100M, iGX100MTI, iGX300, iGX600N, iGX600L, iGX600M, iGX1000 Learn More
Edwards iH Dry iH35, iH80, iH160, iH600, iH1000, iH1800, iH600SC, iH1000SC, iH1000HTX, iH1800SC, iH1800HTX Learn More
Edwards IL Dry IL70, IL600 Learn More
Edwards IXH Dry IXH100, IXH200, IXH610, iXH1210, iXH1220, iXH1820, IXH3030, IXH3045, IXH4545, IXH6045 Learn More
Edwards iXL Dry iXL120, iXL250, iXL500, iXL750 Learn More
Edwards QDP Dry QDP40, QDP80 Learn More
Edwards iQDP Dry iQDP40, iQDP80 Learn More
Edwards EDP Dry EDP80, EDP160, EDP200, EDP250, EDP400 Learn More
Edwards GV Dry GV80, GV160, GV250, GV400, GV600 Learn More
Edwards DP Dry DP40, DP80 Learn More
Edwards CDP Dry CDP40, CDP80 Learn More
Edwards Controllers Dry Q Controller, MCM, Motor Control Module, A38059000, A38128100, A38201000, A38203000, A38209000, A38221000, A38225000, A38229000, A38233000, Q80.4.2.2 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer ACP Dry ACP15, ACP20, ACP28, ACP40 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer ADP Dry ADP31, ADP80, ADP81, ADP122 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer ADS Dry ADS122, ADS301, ADS501, ADS602, ADS1202 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer IPUP Dry A100L, A100V Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer Drytel Dry Drytel 31, Drytel 34, Drytel 100, Drytel 1025 Learn More
Ebara EV-A Dry EV-A03, EV-A06, EV-A10 Learn More
Ebara EV-M Dry EV-M20N, EV-M102N, EV-M202N, EV-M302N, EV-M502N, EV-M802N Learn More
Ebara EV-S Dry EV-S20, EV-S20P, EV-S20N, EV-S50, EV-S50P, EV-S50N, EV-S100, EV-S100P, EV-S100N, EV-S200, EV-S200P, EV-S200N Learn More
Ebara EST Dry EST25N, EST100WN, EST101WN, EST200WN, EST300WN, EST500WN, EST800WN Learn More
Ebara ESA Dry ESA25S, ESA25D, ESA25XW, ESA70W, ESA80W, ESA100W, ESA200W, ESA300W, ESA500W Learn More
Ebara ESR Dry ESR20N, ESR30N, ESR80WN, ESR200WN, ESR300WN Learn More
Ebara UERR Dry 40X20, 50X20, 65x40, 80X25, 150X40 Learn More
Ebara A Dry A07V, A10S, A25S, A30W, A70W, A150WM, A150WT Learn More
Ebara AA Dry AA10N, AAL10, AA20, AA30, AA40WN, AA70WN, AA100WN, AA200WN, AA300WN Learn More
Ebara AAS Dry AAS20N, AAS70WN, AAS100WN, AAS200WN, AAS300WN Learn More
Busch Dry Pumps Dry COBRA NX 0450, COBRA NX 0650, COBRA NC 0100, COBRA NC 0200, COBRA NC 0300, COBRA NC 0400, COBRA NC 0630, COBRA NC 1000, COBRA NC 2500, COBRA DL 0080 , COBRA DS 0080, COBRA DL 0160, COBRA DS 0160, COBRA DS 0600, COBRA DS 0700, COBRA DS 1000, COBRA DS 2000, COBRA DS 2610, COBRA DS 3010, COBRA DS 5161, COBRA DS 9161, COBRA DS 8162, COBRA DS 8163, COBRA BA 0100, COBRA BC 0100, COBRA BC 0101, COBRA BC 0600, COBRA BC 1000, COBRA BC 2000 Learn More
Busch Dry Pump Controllers Dry 0985-523-545, 0985-523-593, 0985-524-593, 0985-527-002, 0985-527-020, 0985-527-021, 0985-529-050, 0985-532-727 Learn More
Pfeiffer Diaphragm Pumps Dry PM12569-840.3 Learn More
Vacuubrand Diaphragm Pumps Dry MD8, MD4, MD4NT Learn More
KNF Neuberger Diaphragm Pumps Dry UN840.3FTP Learn More
Danielson Tribodyne Dry DanVac TD-30/16, DanVac TD-30/120-HVP Learn More
Thomas Diaphragm Pumps Dry 688CE44 Learn More
Edwards E1M Rotary Vane E1M5, E1M8, E1M12, E1M18, E1M40, E1M80, E1M175, E1M275 Learn More
Edwards E2M Rotary Vane E2M0.7, E2M1, E2M1.5, E2M2, E2M5, E2M8, E2M12, E2M18, E2M28, E2M30, E2M40, E2M80, E2M175, E2M275 Learn More
Edwards RV Rotary Vane RV3, RV5, RV8, RV12 Learn More
Leybold A/AC Rotary Vane D2, D4, D8, D16, D30, D60, D90 Learn More
Leybold B/BCS Rotary Vane D1.6, D4, D8, D16, D25, D40, D65, S25, S40, TI16B Learn More
Leybold E Rotary Vane D2.5E, D5E, D10E, D16E Learn More
Leybold S Rotary Vane S100, S250, S400, S630 Learn More
Leybold SV Rotary Vane SV16, SV25, SV40, SV65, SV100, SV180, SV200, SV280, SV300, SV500, SV585, SV630, SV750, SV1200 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen Pascal Rotary Vane 1021, 3004, 1004A, 1005C, 1005SD, 1010SD, 1012A, 1015SD, 2002BB, 2002C1, 2004A, 2005C1, 2005H, 2005I, 2005SD, 2008A, 2008AC, 2010C1, 2010C2, 2010SD, 2012A, 2012AC, 2012CP, 2012H, 2015C1, 2015C2, 2015H, 2015SD, 2020A, 2020CP, 2021C1, 2021C2, 2021I, 2021SD, 2033A/SD, 2033C1, 2033CP+/C2, 2033H, 2063A/SD, 2063C1, 2063CP+/C2, 2063H, 2100A/SD, 2100C1, 3005SD Learn More
Pfeiffer DuoLine Rotary Vane Duo 1.5, Duo 1.6, Duo 2.5, Duo 3, Duo 5, Duo 6, Duo 11, Duo 30, Duo 65 Learn More
Agilent DS Rotary Vane DS 40M, DS 102, DS 202, DS 302, DS 402, DS 602, DS 1002, DS 1602 Learn More
Agilent MS Rotary Vane MS 40+, MS-101, MS-301, MS-631 Learn More
Agilent HS Rotary Vane HS602 Learn More
Varian SD Rotary Vane SD-40, SD-90, SD-91, SD-200, SD-201, SD-300, SD-301, SD-450, SD-451, SD-700, SD-1400, SD-2500 Learn More
Busch R 5 Rotary Vane R 5 0010/0016 C, R 5 RA0025/0040, R 5 RA0063/0100, R 5 RA0155, R 5 RA0160-0302, R 5 RA0165-0305, R 5 RA0400-0630, R 5 RA0750, R 5 RA1000/1600, R 5 RAH 200/300, R 5 RB 0006, R 5 RB 0021, R 5 RC0400, R 5 RC0250 Learn More
Stokes Microvane Rotary Vane V-005-2, V-009-2, V-013-2, V-017-2, V-023-2, V-013-241, V-017-441, V-023-441, V-005-241, V-009-241 Learn More
Welch Duo-Seal Pumps Rotary Vane 1373, 1374, 1375, 1376, 1380, 1395, 1396, 1397, 1398, 1399, 1400, 1402, 1405, 8915, 1402N, 1402Z-34, 8890A, 8905A, 8907A, 8910A, 8912A, 8917A, 8920A, 8925A Learn More
Kinney KSV Rotary Vane KSV-100, KSV-16, KSV-200, KSV-25, KSV-300, KSV-40, KSV-630, KSV-65 Learn More
Leybold E Rotary Piston E75, E150, E250 Learn More
Leybold DK Rotary Piston DK100, DK200 Learn More
Stokes -- Rotary Piston 149H-11, 148H-10, 149, 212H-10, 412, 612, 912, C300, 146H-13, 212H-11, 212J, 212J-14, 412H-10, 412H-11, 412H-33, 412J-14, 612-30 Learn More
Kinney -- Rotary Piston KC15, KC5, KC8, KDH130, KT505LP, KT850C/D, KTC112, KTC21, KVAC-10, KVAC-15, KVAC-2, KVAC-21, KVAC-33, KVAC-5, KVAC-63 Learn More
Edwards EH Roots Blower EH250, EH500, EH1200, EH2600, EH4200 Learn More
Edwards QMB Roots Blower QMB250, QMB500, QMB1200 Learn More
Leybold WA Roots Blower WA151, WA251, WA501, WA1001, WA2001 Learn More
Leybold WAU Roots Blower WAU151, WAU251, WAU501, WAU1001, WAU-2001 Learn More
Leybold WSU Roots Blower WSU151, WSU251, WSU501, WSU1001, WSU2001 Learn More
Leybold WS Roots Blower WS151, WS251, WS501, WS1001, WS2001 Learn More
Leybold RA Roots Blower RA2001, RA3001, RA5001, RA7001, RA9001 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen RSV Roots Blower RSV 151, RSV 300, RSV 301, RSV600, RSV 601, RSV 602, RSV1002, RSV 1502, RSV 2000, RSV1202 Learn More
Busch -- Roots Blower WY1250, WY250, WY500, WZ1000, WZ2000 Learn More
Stokes -- Roots Blower 306, 310, 607, 615, 622, 306-041, 306-1, 306-401, 306-402, 310-1, 310-401, 310-402, 310-41, 607-1, 61B-MHR, 615HM7, 615-MHR, 615-1, 615-4MH, 615-402, 615-5HR, 615-7, 615-7M, 622-MHXXS, 622-MH25, 622-2, 622-4HM, 1721, 1722, 1738 Learn More
Roots -- Roots Blower RGS-1009, RGS-1012, RGS-1016, RGS-1018, RGS-1021, RGS-1024, RGS-1030, RGS-1228, RGS-1236, RGS-615 Learn More
Aerzen -- Roots Blower GLa 12.5 HV, GMa/GLa 11.3, GMa/GLa 12.5, GMa/GLa 12.6V-00, GMa/GLa 13.8, GMa/GLa 13.f7, GMb 15.10HV, GMb/GLb14.9HV, GMb/GLb15.11HV, GMb/GLb16.f13HV, V1500, V2000, V2500, V500 Learn More
Edwards XDS Scroll XDS5/5C, XDS10/10C, XDS35i, XDS46i Learn More
Edwards nXDS Scroll nXDS6i, nXDS10i, nXDS15i, nXDS20i Learn More
Edwards ESDP Scroll ESDP12, ESDP30 Learn More
Edwards GVSP Scroll GVSP12, GVSP30 Learn More
Leybold -- Scroll SC 5 D, SC 15 D, SC 30 D Learn More
Agilent IDP Scroll IDP-3, IDP-7, IDP-10, IDP-15 Learn More
Agilent SH Scroll SH-110, SH-112 Learn More
Varian Triscroll Scroll Triscroll 300, Triscroll 600, PTS03101UNIV, SE E31001197, SH100, TRISCROLL 620, 300DS, 600DS Learn More
Ulvac -- Scroll DIS251 Learn More
Anest Iwata -- Scroll ISP250, ISP250B, ISP250C, ISP500A, ISP500B Learn More
Edwards Pumps EXT Turbo EXT70, EXT75DX, EXT250, EXT255, EXT501, EXT200-200-30, EXT400-200-30 Learn More
Edwards Pumps nEXT Turbo nEXT240D, nEXT300D, nET400D Learn More
Seiko Pumps STP Turbo STP200, STP300, STP301, STP400, STP451, STP600, STP1000, STP1003, STP603, STP2000, STP2001, STP2002, STP1003 Learn More
Seiko Pumps STPA Turbo STPA803C, STPA1303C, STPA1603C, STPA2203C Learn More
Seiko Pumps STPH Turbo STPH200C, STPH300C, STPH301C, STPH600C, STPH603C, STPH1000C, STPH1301, STPH2000C, STPH2001, STPH2002, STPH451C Learn More
Seiko Pumps STP-L Turbo STP-L301, STP-L451 Learn More
Seiko Pumps STPX Turbo STP-XA2703C, STP-XA3203C, STP-XA4503C Learn More
Osaka TS Turbo TS443 Learn More
Leybold MAG Turbo MAG 2000, MAG 2200 Learn More
Leybold MAGW Turbo MAGW1300, MAGW 2000, MAGW 2010 Learn More
Leybold T Turbo T1600 Learn More
Leybold TMP Turbo TMP 35, TMP 50, TMP 150, TMP 151, TMP 340, TMP 360, TMP 361, TMP 410, TMP 400, TMP 450, TMP 600, TMP 1000, TMP 1100, TMP 1500 Learn More
Leybold TW Turbo TW 250, TW 300, TW 701, TW700, TW901, TW220-150-15s, TW400/300/25S Learn More
Pfeiffer HiPlace Turbo HiPace 30, HiPace 80, HiPace 300, HiPace 800, HiPace 1200, ATH 2804, ATH 3204, TMH/U 064, TMH/U 065, TMH/U 071, TMH/U 260, TMH/U 261, TMH/U 520, TMH/U 520C, TMH/U 521, TMH1600P/C, TMH262, TMU1600MC, TMU1601PCH, TPD020, TPH/U 040, TPH/U 062, TPH/U 170, TPH/U 180H, TPH/U 190, TPH/U 240, TPH/U 261, TPH/U 270, TPH/U 330, TPH/U 330C, TPH/U 510, TPH/U 510C, TPH/U 520, TPH/U 520C, TPH/U050, TPH/U060, TPH/U1201, TPH2200 SG, TPH2201U/P, Splitflow 80 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen MDP Turbo MDP 5010, MDP 5011, MDP 5030 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen ATH Turbo ATH 400, ATH 1300, ATH 1600, ATH 2300 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen ATP Turbo ATP 80, ATP 100, ATP 150, ATP 400, ATP 900 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen ATS Turbo ATS 100, ATS 200 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen PTM Turbo PTM 5154 Learn More
Alcatel/Adixen 5000 Series Turbo 5081, 5101, 5150, 5402, 5030, 5400, 5402, 5900 Learn More
Agilent TwisTorr Turbo TwisTorr 84, TwisTorr 304, Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr Learn More
Agilent K-G Turbo Turbo-V 1K-G, Turbo-V 2K-G , Turbo-V 3K-G Learn More
Varian Navigator Turbo V301 NAV, V250, Turbo-V 701, TV1001, V550, V70, V300, V300HT, V81T, TV81, V801, V551, V81M, V700HT Learn More
Alcatel Turbo Controllers ACT Turbo ACT 100 T, ACT 200 T, ACT250, ACT 600 T, ACT 1000 T, ACT1300M Learn More
Alcatel Turbo Controllers CFV Turbo CFV 10, CFV 100, CFV 900, 8220, AS120, CFF450, CV100 Learn More
Pfeiffer Turbo Controllers -- Turbo DCU100, DCU200, DCU600, HICUBE 80, TCP 600, TCP040, TCP120, TCP121, TCP270, TCP300, TCP310, TCP380, TCP5000, TCP-350, TIC250 Learn More
Edwards Turbo Controllers -- Turbo EXC100L, EXC250E, EXDC160 Learn More
Leybold Turbo Controller -- Turbo NT10, NT1000/1500, NT12, NT150/360, NT151/361, NT20, NT340M, NT340MC/T, NT361, NT450, NT50, NT-341MT, TDS Learn More
Seiko Turbo Controller -- Turbo SCHU1000, SCUA1303C, SCUA2203C, SCUA2203LVS, SCUA2203P, SCUH1000, SCUH1000C, SCUH1301, SCUH1303CV2, SCUH200C, SCUH2000C, SCUH2000K, SCUH301C, SCUH600C, SCU1000, SCU1000C, SCU1003C, SCU2000C, SCU2001C, SCU2002C, SCU2203, SCU300, SCU300C, SCU300H, SCU301, SCU301H, SCU400, SCU600, SCU600C, SCU603, SCU750, SCU803, SCU1500 Learn More
Osaka Turbo Controller -- Turbo TC440, TD2001, TD381/411, TD711/1111-C Learn More
Varian Turbo Controllers -- Turbo TV550, T550, V300HTV, V301 NAV CONTRL Learn More
Agilent/Varian/NRC -- Diffusion VHS-4, AX-65, H4X, HAS, HS-16, HS-2, HS-20, HS-32, HS-4, HS-6, M-2, M-4, M-6, NHS-35, NHS-4, NHS-6, VHS-10, VHS-250, VHS-400, VHS-6 Learn More
Edwards -- Diffusion 18B4B, 30B5M, E012, E04, E06, E09, HT10, HT16B, HT20B, SI100 Learn More
Stokes -- Diffusion 150-16, 150-10, 150-6, 150-4 Learn More
CVC -- Diffusion PMC-2, PMC-2, KS-200, PMC-4, PMC-4, PMC-4, PMC-6, PMC-6, PMC-6, PVMS-10, PMC-10, PMC-10, PVMS-11 (-12), PVMS-11 (-12), PVM-16, PVM-20, PMC-20C, PMC-20C, PMC-20C, PMC-20C, PVM-32, PVM-32, PMC-32C (-48C), PMC-32C (-48C), PMC-32C (-48C), PMC-32C (-48C), KS2000 Learn More
Leybold -- Diffusion DIP 3 000, DIP 8 000, DIP 12 000, DIP 20 000, DIP 30 000, DIP 50 000 Learn More
Brooks/CTI Cryo-Torr Cryopumps Cryo CT-4, CT-4F, CT-8, CT-8F, CT-10, CT-10F, CT-250, CT-250F, CT-400, CT-500 Learn More
Brooks/CTI On-Board Cryopumps Cryo Onboard 4, Onboard 4F, Onboard 8, Onboard 8F, Onboard 8FE, Onboard 10, Onboard 10F, Onboard 250, Onboard 250F, Onboard 400, Onboard 400F, Onboard 500, Onboard 500F, P300 Learn More
Brooks/CTI On-Board IS Cryopumps Cryo IS 8F, IS 250F, IS 320FE Learn More
Brooks/CTI Compressors Cryo 8200, 8500, 8510, 9600, 9700 Learn More
Austin Scientific Cryo Pumps Cryo Cryoplex 10, Cryoplex 8, CP-8 Learn More
Trillium Cryo Pumps Cryo CP8, CP8LP, CP10, CP16 Learn More
Alcatel -- Leak Detector ASM10, ASM110, ASM120, ASM121, ASM122D, ASM140H, ASM142, ASM151, ASM180, ASM180TD, ASM182 TD1, ASM182T, ASM192, ASM310, ASM340, ASM380, ASM52, DGC-151 Learn More
Edwards -- Leak Detector Spectron 3000, Spectron 600, Spectron 300E, Spectron 5000 Learn More
Leybold/Inficon -- Leak Detector Phoenix XL Dry, UL500, UL1000, Leak Detector, L200, Phoenix 300, UL400, UL5000, UL100, UL1000 Dry, UL200, UL1000 Fab, UL100T, UL100+, UL200D Learn More
Pfeiffer -- Leak Detector HLT150, HLT160 Learn More
Agilent/Varian -- Leak Detector 938-41, 947, 979, 936-40, 956, 948, 959, VSMR151, VSC15, VSPD03, VSPRO2, VSMD30+, VSMR15, VSBD30+, VSVR15, VWMD15, 936-40, 936-70SP, 947D, 948D, 949, 956, 956D, 959D, 960D, 979, 979D Learn More
Veeco/VIC -- Leak Detector MS-45, MS-17, MS-30T, MS-40, MS-170, MS-40GT, MS-9, MS-40GT Plus, MS-18, MS-40GT Dry, MS-60 PLUS, MS-60, MS-60 Dry, MS-20, MS-40D, MS-50, MS-45 Learn More
Ulvac -- Leak Detector 901DS, 904D3, 904D4 Learn More

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